Icon Global Sports Case Study

Icon Global is a full service sales representation and market management agency. They were in need of a slick and polished web site that embodied the brands they represent.

We started with numerous phone conversations and chat sessions.  We were trying to figure out who the audience was, what the goals of the site were, and what the brand would come to mean. We developed a smooth identity that signified the brand and moved on to UI.


Once the wire frames were hashed out we proceeded to online collaboration with Concept Share where all visuals were communicated with the client. The client had the opportunity to mark up the designs right on their screen.  Online collaboration allows for a smoother development cycle because it keeps the conversation going forward.

Once the site was completed and tested we moved it to a production server and turned it on, so to speak.  The site has been gaining steady traffic since going live and presents an image Icon Global can be proud of. Mr. Angwin, President of Icon Global Sports says, “The site gives my business a high-end look and feel. We deal with the worlds top athletic brands in New York City so competition is all over the place.  ToddSantoro.com Designs helped us achieve this look.”