Fixing Bootstrap’s irregular column stacking

I had a problem when displaying an unspecified number of logos on a site I was building using Bootstrap. The issue was on a smaller responsive screen I couldn’t use rows to clear the float and because some logos were taller than others sometimes there would be a “stair” effect going on. See in row two there are only two … Continued

A new snippet to create an abstract CSS3 background

I recently needed a seamless abstract background for a client project. I searched high and low to find something for my needs. I came across a CSS3 background site that gave me some inspiration. After some tinkering I became an expert in CSS3 background-image gradients so I will share with you my abstract CSS3 gradient background on codepen. I hope … Continued

Mobile-friendly sites and Google SEO

Get ready web site owners, on April 21st, 2015 Google will start favoring mobile-friendly sites much more. In this post by Google concerning mobile-friendly search results Takaki Makino, Chaesang Jung, and Doantam Phan explain that mobile user’s search results will be ranked by how mobile-friendly a site is. You can view the guide to mobile friendly sites and how to … Continued

Responsive Web Design sketchbook Designs has released a Responsive Web Design Sketchbook under the Creative Commons License for web designers to use or improve. Leave us a message or tweet out the link if you find it useful. Download your free copy of Responsive Web Site Design Sketchbook by Designs. Tweet

An SVG fallback for your HTML5 and CSS3 responsive web site designs using Modernizer

Modernizer logo

There are still some browsers out in the wild that do not support the .svg file format. Some browsers will support in-line images and not in a CSS background image. Some browser versions support them but display them a bit pixelated when scaled. Have a look at this chart to see what browser versions are partially supported using CSS and … Continued

Key West Lorem Ipsum Generator

Key West Lorem Ipsum Generator for Web Designers and Copy Writers

Key West lorem ipsum ocean conch beach sun, beer conch fritters… Introducing Key West Lorem Ipsum Generator As a web designer I was sick and tired of using the standard lorem ipsum. Then I came across Bacon Ipsum. I was amused enough to develop a Key West Lorem Ipsum version of the project for web designers and copy writers to … Continued

jQuery + WordPress 3.3 may = problems

If you have recently upgraded WordPress and found your theme a bit under the weather then you may have been a victim of “jQuery update”. This is what I am calling it. The simple solution it to look for all of the “$” DOLLAR signs within the<script> tags and replace them with “jQuery” (For all of the novices reading this … Continued

WordCamp Columbus was awesome

WordCamp Columbus was the first time I have ever attended a WordCamp and my first time speaking at the event. I met some great people doing some incredible things like John Cook of who has developed a WP plug-in that provides video support for the back-end of WordPress right on the screen. My clients will love this! I can’t … Continued

WordCamp Columbus… here I come!

I submitted a request to speak at WordCamp Columbus last week and just got word that I Will be speaking on June 19th, 2010. I will be speaking about designing and developing a killer theme in WordPress. The talk will also include some WP3.0 tips and tricks. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio region on June 19th stop on … Continued