QR Code text

I have been playing around with QR Codes today and thought I would write a whole blog post about them.

I have a ton of ideas on how to use QR Codes in marketing so I will share a few of them here.

1. Use them in print ads to distribute coupons.

2. Use them in an interactive marketing campaign/scavenger hunt. eg. Client: McDonald’s – CTA: Announce that when a customer visits 10 different McDonald’s restaurants and scans the QR code on the door they get a burger coupon sent via SMS to their phone.

3. Use them in confetti. Print a number of loosing QR Codes on paper then one winning one and distribute them at a concert or event. All confetti QR Codes would include some marketing message too.

These are some of my ideas on how to creatively use QR Codes in a marketing campaign.

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