3 tools of the trade

This post is not about geeks, nerds or what ever else you might call a tool. It’s about my favorite design tools I use on a daily basis. 1. The first is called Concept Share and it helps me communicate design proofs with my clients.  It also saves me a ton of time. For a small fee per month you … Continued

Why everyone should keep a professional face to face network

Everyone should keep a professional network. I will go further and say that you should meet face to face on a regular basis.  I will even go further and say that you should even consort with the enemy, your competition. It does not matter how many of these people you carouse with.  Start off with one that you can stand. … Continued

The OSU logo screw up

I am a stickler for details and balance so thought I would point out an example I recently saw that does a sub par job. Sometimes I can get tunnel vision and miss things too but the high profile logo of The Ohio State University should be perfect. I noticed that my alma mater’s logo looked a little off.  I … Continued

Free WordPress Setup

We are now offering free WordPress setup for any man, woman, or child. It does not matter if you are an individual or a company!

A complete blog post inside of a QR Code

This blog post is completely contained in the QR Code below.  It is a post about how to creatively use QR Codes in a successful mobile marketing campaign. If you could not get your reader to pick up the very large and consequently info heavy QR Code above don’t worry.  Try using the smaller one below.  It actually contains a … Continued

WPbeginner publishes article written by Todd Santoro

WPbeginner is a great resource for WordPress developers and has just published my article on CSS Sprites. Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner, has graciously allowed me to write an article as a guest author titled Use CSS Sprites to Beautify your WordPress Post Dates. Have a look at the tutorial and super style your WordPress dates on your posts.

Icon Global Sports Case Study

Icon Global is a full service sales representation and market management agency. They were in need of a slick and …